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Parapets are the borders of your roof that not only accentuate the grandeur but offers extra security protection also from falling down or anyone leaning over the edge. A parapet is a beautiful feature of any building that should not be left damaged or else consequences can be very fatal. Keeping it in aesthetic condition will come along with safety benefits also.

If your parapet is broken or damaged and getting problematic for you and your visitor then parapet walls repair Yonkers NY is a solution that you can do as soon as possible to minimize the risk. When it comes to fixing the parapet problems, you need someone with great knowledge, training skills, and experience to get it done perfectly. Our General Contractors in NY understand what sort of work will suit your parapet walls.

Our facade restoration contractors Bronx NY know it is an essential work for which expert precision is required to take care of niche jobs like this. Our existence for years is proof that we have been offering the finest quality of work to our clients across New York. Also, with great visual appeal, we put emphasis on the durability part also so that you don’t have to make any further investment on your parapet in the future.

Parapet Renovation NYC: established with excellence

Having years of experience in roofing, our team is acclaimed as one of the proficient and highly courteous by our valuable clients. Parapet is that area of your house or building where no one regularly keeps an eye on to know what all things it is falling short of, there may be wet spots, water leakage, water seepage or maybe it has started to bend in some of the areas.

So, what is your sudden reaction when you notice the quality of your parapet is deteriorating? A facade repairs Queens NY should be the first point of contact to know the root cause of parapet condition and decide accordingly if needs demolition or restoration.

Our licensed, insured, and bonded firm is known to perform condition assessment and provide the design option with recommended scope to attain a valuable outcome.

Problems behind parapet wall deterioration

The presence of parapet on the edge of the balcony or roof makes it suffer more issues than other walls in the building do. A parapet is exposed to all weather conditions owing to which it is vulnerable to issues that affect its quality and integrity.

Weather is a key player in creating a problem here that affects its ability to control external issues and prevent it from remaining intact. But our roofing contractors in long island city are well-versed with ways to address problems that occur with parapets and commonly result from:

  • Water damage
  • Masonry failure due to weathering
  • Crack in the mortar
  • Improper coping material
  • Incorrect flashing installation

Outstanding methods and techniques for parapet restoration

To make the parapet restoration excellent, we adopt expert methods and techniques that properly match the color, provide consistency and make sure at the end to give you the best possible solution. With impeccable craftsmanship, our parapet professionals in NY efficiently strive to match your standard and give you peace of mind.

  • Original brick or stone units are reused depending on the condition of parapet
  • By using latest techniques, quality and durable materials, the durability of parapet wall is improved
  • We reset existing coping
  • If original pieces fail to work or are unsafe for the intended purpose, we fabricate new units for replacements

For any kind of details or queries, call our staff members on above given number. We will be glad to work for your parapet wall problems and give you an excellent and reliable solution.